CECIO Restaurant and Rooms is an high level accomodation, family-run business recently restored. It is located in a strategic and very panoramic point at the entrance of the ancient village of Corniglia. Here, you can taste tipical local dishes looking at the magnificence of this extraordinary landscape, you can stay in our rooms setted off by a sea view and many services and solutions meant to meet every requirement.


Corniglia is the only village in Cinque Terre national Park setted on a 100 mt cliff, caracterised by terraces of dry-stone-walls that end into the sea. The village express a mixed atmosphere : a rural and a seafaring one, evidenti in its narrow alley and wide sea view to the other Cinque Terre.


The Cinque terre national Park landscape is characterised by its monumental architecture, created by the unity between man and nature, saveguarded and valued in the course of time. The natural beauties contribute to create a steep and wild scenary, little villages and famous terraces adapt to the natural slopes.


Contact us

Restaurant      : by e-mail ristorante@cecio5terre.com or by phone +39 0187 8120430 ( restaurant and check in) 

Booking room : by email cecio5terre@gmail.com or by phone + 39 3515663661 ( only booking room)

 you will find a staff member helpful to answer your questions ad ready to receive your booking.



 We accept credit cards : Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard, cash card.

Bar Nunzio Internet c@fé

Bar Nunzio-Internet c@fè is located in the center of the village, next to Cecio Restaurant and Rooms. The ideal place to plan your holiday, to surf the internet and to keep in contacts with friends and relatives.

The village at sunset


Romantic view  on the village  when the first lights light up in the old houses at sunset

Enjoy the scents of the sea, a good dinner and a glass of local wine over the terrace of Cecio Restaurant 

Then a good night and have beautiful dreams








The village at the morning

Good morning to the world !!!

Open the window and here is Corniglia, illuminated by the sun

You are ready for a new adventure on the paths of the Cinque Terre park after a hearty breakfast at the Bar Nunzio

Always magical Cinque Terre
Amazing UNESCO area

Room superior overlooking the sea - Small Boutique Hotel

These sunny and renovated rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea and the village, our superior rooms will welcome you in their simple elegance and comfort

All our room have with private bathroom with shower, safe, mini fridge, hairdryer, air conditioning and wi.fi

And enjoy a sunset on the beautiful shared terrace on the top floor of the house. Amazing view !!!!